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    Stretching Exercises For Seniors To Improve Mobility

    Age brings wisdom but also big changes in your body. As you age your muscles become shorter and you begin to lose elasticity in your muscles and your joints. As you get older your bone structure changes and you may suffer a decreased range of motion in your spine, shoulders, and hips. It is important […]

    Six Ways To Burn Calories In The Kitchen

    Newsflash – you don’t have to spend time at the gym to burn calories. Keep the gym membership money in your pocket and lose weight while you work in the house, clean up the yard, do your daily chores, or cook your family’s meals. You may associate the kitchen with calorie consumption rather than calorie […]

    Quick And Simple Exercise For Balance And Knee Pain

    Did you ever experience the room spinning round you? Or your head feeling like it’s not attached to your body? Do you often feel dizzy or lightheaded? If so, you could be suffering from a problem with balance. Balance problems can affect anyone but they are more likely to happen to older adults. Difficulty with […]

    Osteoarthritis And Knee Pain – Your Quick Guide

    The knee joint is a highly functional part of the body and has its own unique purpose – to allow your shin bone and thigh bone to move freely and ensure you can sit down, bend, stand, and walk. But this freedom of movement is compromised when you suffer from osteoarthritis of the knee. Osteoarthritis […]

    My Hip Hurts When I Exercise – What’s the Problem?

    Your hip is a tough ball-and-socket joint and it does an excellent job providing you with range of movement and flexibility. But when something goes wrong with your hip it can cause significant pain and discomfort. You may not be able to twist and bend, and it can be difficult to exercise….